• AppDrop: Continuous SOA Application Deployments
    Continuous SOA
    Application Deployments
    We built AppDrop so that you, as part of Fusion Ops
    team can deploy applications across environments error free and first time right,
    providing continuous feedback to developers
    Continuous integration for error free deployment of
    SOA, BPM, ADF, Java, etc., applications across environments


AppDrop provides Continuous Deployment of SOA, BPM, ADF, Java, etc., applications across DEV, SIT, UAT, PRD environments.

Developer checks-in SOA code to code-repository and creates deploy service ticket
Fusion Ops team reviews the deploy plans and approves code release
AppDrop performs automated build integrating the code artifacts
AppDrop deploys the build to the target environment and validates
Result: 100% automated error free deployments

AppDrop integrates with code repository Subversion or Git

AppDrop requires all source artifacts to be centralized promoting culture of source code committing

AppDrop integrates with ticketing systems SVN or Service Now, etc.

Service Requests for application deployments enables approval process and tracking for SLAs

AppDrop uses Application Release Blueprints for target requirements

The Application Release Blueprint defines the application code artifacts and configuration details

AppDrop performs pre-deploy Env configurations and post validations

Configures the required to the FMW environment, example Data Source creations, JMS setups, etc.



Faster application

Fast tracks Application Release Blueprints and automated configurations


SOX Compliance &

Strong governance for consistent deployments across Fusion Middleware environments


Time savings in application deployments

The automated process requires only 25% of your FTE time saving you money


Predictable & consistent application deployments

Regardless of who is performing, the outcome is guaranteed to be positive everytime

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