• AppMonitr: Continuous SOA Application Performance Monitoring
    Continuous SOA
    Application Performance Monitor
    We built AppMonitr so that you, as part of Fusion Middleware Ops
    team can get immediate information about the performance of various
    applications and take corrective actions as required
    Intelligence on the performance of your key SOA/BPM applications. Find problems before they occur


AppMonitr track the key SOA & BPM applications, follows usage trend, resource consumption and alerts the Ops team about any imminent problems.

Identify the most critical applications to monitor in the AppMonitr
Define the sensors and thresholds for each application
AppMonitr tracks and generates performance & intelligence report
Fusion Ops performs remedy using the AppMonitr’s intelligence data
Result: 100% reduction in IT caused Business disruptions

AppMonitr dashboard for managing & monitoring SOA applications

UI for onboarding applications, defining rules and thresholds. And to monitor and report the performance in

Real User Monitor for ADF/Web applications and Portals

Flags critical transactions in the dashboard to spot when things like response times are not as per thresholds

Process Maps Monitor for managing Business Process applications

Built into your business process mapping and modeling providing visibility into bottlenecks in BPM process

AppMonitr for anywhere
on-the-go monitoring

Monitor your key application performance on-the-go with AppMonitr mobile app for iOS and
Android devices



Peace of mind and confidence

Bottom-line ensuring uninterrupted Business Continuity


Cost Savings for Business Continuity

Reduced operational costs, decreased reliance on costly experts


Better End-user experience/satisfaction

Positive user experience driving business productivity


Realize higher productivity/innovation

IT teams can focus on new initiatives rather than dealing with fire drills

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