• AppTestr: Automated SOA Integration Testing
    SOA Integration
    Testing Automation
    We built AppTestr so that you, as part of the Fusion Middleware Testing
    team can efficiently execute integration test cases over and
    over until you are satisfied that it works as per the defined functionality
    Reduce time to validate. Reduce manual efforts. Improve quality of rollouts


AppTestr is a testing-as-a-service platform with in-built keyword driven framework for simplified test-case creation, test-cycle management, integrated-test execution and test-outcome reporting

As an one-time activity, test cases are recorded and bundled into test set
Test Engineer submits the test set for a SOA composite in AppTestr web UI
AppTestr executes the test set and generates test result report
Test Engineer analyzes test case and results in the AppTestr report
Result: 100% Peace of mind

Capture Engine for test case recording

Record the application functionality in real-time and play-back. Bundle test cases into test set

Key-word Driven Framework

Define test cases with BA's & SME’s. Focus on business process & validations

Event driven automation of test set runs

Trigger test sets automatically post the application deployments. Run tests on-demand as well

Documentation for each test case

Quickly develop test documentation for reference & training



Reduce business analyst‘s effort for regression testing

With in-built test creation & execution scheduling engine


Reduces the test creation and maintenance time

Using test framework & accelerator libraries


Reduce outage in production due to software defects

With enhanced test cases and test set coverage


Peace of mind
and confidence

With detailed execution logs and test history

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