• CodeScanr: Automated SOA/BPEL Code Reviews
    SOA/BPEL Code Reviews
    We built CodeScanr so that you, as a Fusion Middleware Developer
    can ensure that your developed SOA/BPEL code is of the highest quality and
    standards based
    Ensures 100% code compliance towards:
    Security, Performance, Compatibility, Complexity, Dependency, Usefulness, Conventions


CodeScanr scans through the BPEL/BPMN code and validates against the defined standards. It instantly reports the deviations and the level of adherence to the code compliance standards

Developer checks-in the SOA composite code to a code-repository
Runs the CodeScanr web app against the SOA composite in code-repository
CodeScanr scans through BPEL/BPMN validating the code against defined standards
Developer reviews the CodeScanr recommendations for code corrections
Result: 100% compliance to code standards...always

Pre-defined standard code validation rules ready to use out of the box

Oracle defined code conventions, code styles and code rules are bundled into the CodeScanr and ready to use

Personalize the code validation rules for your organization

Architects can edit and personalize the code validation rules meeting organizations governance policies

Code Quality Report with corrective recommendations

The Code Quality report identifies deviations pin-pointing on the code with corrective recommendations

Easy and on-demand execution by developers

Developers can validate the code compliance often during developing ensuring compliance to standards



Code compliance to standards

CodeScanr lets you always be on top of your project quality and pay back technical debt


Cost savings on peer code reviews

Utilize your skilled developers lead resources in better way, not for peer code reviews


Time savings in code reviews

Scripted code reviews runs in jiffy and near realtime saving crucial
project timelines


Onboard developers faster

Delegate the teaching of your organizations coding guidelines to CodeScanr

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