• MintPress: Automated FMW Provisioning & Installations
    Automated OFM
    Provisioning & Installations
    We built MintPress so that you, as a Fusion Middleware Infra Admin
    can be confident that your OFM environments are error-free, consistent
    and comply with the standard reference architecture
    Use pre-defined blueprints to provision SOA, BPM, OSB, WCS, IDM, etc.,
    and create an environment at the click of a button


MintPress provides out of the box topology blueprints, wizard driven provisioning and script based automated installation & configurations. This to ensure consistency of the environments that are being built.

Infra Admin can start right away in adopting out of the box environment blue prints
Optionally extend the environment blue print or use the wizard to create new ones
Use the wizard for provisioning the environments with right sized resources
One click installation of OFM stack and post configuration & validations
Result: 100% error free standards based OFM environment

Out of the box topology blueprints

Out of the box environment topology that are based on standard HA Reference Architecture

Extend/Create new topology blueprints

Wizards guide to create a new environment topology blueprint, provision a server & install the stack

Integrated application deployments

Integrates code repository, version control and ticketing for a continuous application deployments

Guaranteed SOX compliance

Tight integrations, standards enforced, built-in security, traceability and controls



Faster new environment builds

Blueprint driven provisioning & installations


Faster application deployments

Integrated continuous application deployments


Reduction in administrative costs

Standardized operations driving savings in time & money


Guaranteed SOX compliance

Tight integrations, security, traceability and controls

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